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Was ist die Autostadt?

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About the Autostadt

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What motivates people to excel? What lies beneath the bonnet of your car? And who will determine the future economy?

Journey into the world of mobility

To visit the Autostadt is to journey into the world of mobility. To date more than three million vehicles have been handed over at this, the world’s largest car delivery centre. In addition this extraordinary automobile theme- and experiential park has become a favourite excursion destination for young and old. Not only because here all things automobile are brought to life, but also because of its emphasis on cultural events and its reputation as an extra-curricular place of learning. Situated in 28 hectares of parkland, architecture, design and nature provide the framework for its many and diverse attractions. In summer the Autostadt becomes a paradise for mini-holidays, during the colder time of the year a beautiful winter wonderland. Year-round attractions include the “Zeithaus” Museum which is home to the classic cars that have left their mark on automobile history, eight pavilions which house VW’s various car brands, and the All-terrain track. Art and films stimulate discussion and interactive research stations invite participation. Movement in all its diverse forms – from themed communication to Festival Weeks – is explored. And each visitor is privy to his/her own unique kaleidoscopic experience.

Art, culture, technology and design

The Autostadt’s diversity reflects the Volkswagen Group’s values i.e. its corporate responsibility regarding humankind, culture and society. That is why there is as much inspiration for art-lovers, high-tech fans, multi-media enthusiasts and those who simply want to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

A town in flux

And there is something else that is characteristic of the Autostadt: the continuous change and the symbiosis of form and function. A town is not a fixed or static entity. It is in a constant state of flux. It is constantly evolving. At the Autostadt too time does not stand still, things evolve and changes are made. Creativity is not incidental, the visitor encounters it everywhere. In this situation design is more than a symbiosis of form and function; here design is a complete sensory experience. Welcome to the Autostadt!