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House rules

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As a Volkswagen Group communications platform, the Autostadt offers an opportunity to experience the company's values and all aspects of mobility. We welcome you as a guest to our theme park and extracurricular learning centre, one of Germany's most popular tourist destinations. While enjoying your stay at the Autostadt, we kindly ask you to observe our terms and conditions with due respect to other people and privately-owned property. Please act responsibly and follow the rules of common courtesy. We hope you enjoy an exciting day at the Autostadt!

House rules for the Autostadt GmbH premises, including the car park


Please keep in mind that Germany's standard traffic regulations (StVO) apply to the Autostadt parking areas. In order to facilitate the flow of traffic, kindly follow the instructions of our parking attendants and park only in designated areas.
Please note that reserved parking spaces, e.g. for disabled persons or parents accompanied by children, can only be used by those in possession of the appropriate permits. To accommodate our guests with disabilities, illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.
We assume no liability for any damage to your vehicle.

Admission prices (for more information, see the GTC)

You may only enter the Autostadt with a valid admission ticket, online ticket or mobile ticket (Wallet) through the designated visitor entrances. Keep your admission ticket for the duration of your stay and show the ticket to our staff on request. The admission ticket authorises you to visit the Autostadt on the day of activation. Personalised tickets, e.g. online or mobile tickets, are non-transferable. When you use a personalised admission ticket on the day of your visit to the Autostadt, you have to show a photo ID to the Autostadt staff upon request. If the identification document and the personalised ticket do not match, the Autostadt reserves the right to confiscate your ticket and to exercise its domiciliary rights. The Autostadt generally reimburses no entrance fees.
The use of additional fee-based attractions (Car Tower Ascent, All-Terrain Tracks, etc.) on the Autostadt premises is not part of our services unless individual attractions were explicitly agreed and consequently have become integral parts of the contract. In the case that individual attractions cannot be used, you will not be entitled to a complete or pro-rata reimbursement of the admission price.

If the Autostadt reimburses you for the admission fee for other legal reasons in exceptional cases, the amount reimbursed is limited to the admission price paid at the maximum.

General safety rules

In the interests or your personal safety, we kindly ask you to follow the instructions issued by our staff.

Please use designated routes and dispose of rubbish in the appropriate bins provided.

Please note that, with the exception of guide dogs, pets are not allowed on the Autostadt premises. We kindly ask you not to feed animals on the Autostadt premises.

Marches, demonstrations or other political actions on the Autostadt grounds are not permitted. Weapons or pressurized canisters containing hazardous gas or pigments are strictly prohibited on the Autostadt premises. Fireworks and other incendiary devices are also prohibited.

We kindly ask you not to consume food or beverages you have brought to the Autostadt on the premises. Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in the Autostadt restaurants. We reserve the right to remove persons who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from the premises, without compensation.

Protection of non-smokers in the Autostadt

Legislation regarding the protection of non-smokers in Lower Saxony requires the Autostadt to implement strict measure for the protection of non-smoking guests and employees. In accordance with § 1, paragraphs 9 and 10 of these laws, smoking at the Autostadt in any form, including electronic cigarettes, is only permitted in designated, clearly marked outdoor areas and on the lower level of the Piazza in the GroupForum.

Anyone found smoking outside of the designated areas will be directed to one of the smoking areas. Violations of the Autostadt smoking rules may result in removal from the premises, without compensation.


The starting, flying or landing of manned and unmanned air vehicles (e.g. drones) is prohibited on the entire grounds of the Autostadt.

Use of facilities and attractions

The Autostadt facilities and attractions are made available to you within the limits of the respective rules. For your own safety, we ask you to kindly read and observe these rules and follow the instructions of our staff. Any violations of these rules may result in expulsion from the attractions, without compensation.

Use of the facilities or attractions takes place at your own risk. You will be held responsible for any damages resulting from non-observance of the corresponding rules or from culpable violations (intentional or negligent).

Filming, photography and audio recordings for private purposes are generally permitted. However, this does not apply to recordings in closed rooms during presentations, film screenings or events (in accordance with § 8 of the terms and conditions).

The use of films, photographs or audio recordings for private use is restricted to a single copy used or screened by the person who was physically present in the Autostadt. Any other use, particularly distribution, screening or public access is excluded from this right of use. The distribution of photographs or filmed material, or the use of ideas from shows for commercial purposes require prior written consent.

Duty of supervision

We kindly ask all parents, guardians and group leaders to fulfil their duty of supervision. 
Please note that the duty of supervision for legal guardians and caretakers of children continues without restriction after arrival on the Autostadt grounds. Consequently, when minors visit Autostadt attractions, including MobiVersum etc., the legal guardian or caretaker remains fully responsible for supervision.

In case of a violation of supervisory responsibilities, the legal guardian or caretaker assumes full responsibility, within legal guidelines, for any damages caused.

Limitations of liability

With the exception of loss of life, bodily injury and damage to health, the scope of liability assumed by the Autostadt is limited to intent and gross negligence. 
The Autostadt assumes no liability for items stored in lockers located on the premises. We will accept liability only for damage to articles that have been handed over to Autostadt staff for storage or transport.

Liability claims and financial losses are not covered by insurance. More specifically, technical equipment (including cameras, camcorders, mobile phones and laptops), jewellery and money are not insured. Compensation is limited to a maximum of €1000 per baggage/cloakroom item.

Notification of claim

All Autostadt facilities are carefully maintained and monitored. If damages or injuries occur, please notify an Autostadt staff member or report to the first-aid station. We kindly ask you to report any incidents when there is reason to believe that damages could develop at a later time. Please report any damages or injuries before leaving the Autostadt, otherwise your right to claim will be invalidated.
Advertising and offering of goods or services
Any advertising or sales of goods/services on the Autostadt grounds (including the car park) requires prior written consent from the Autostadt management. This also applies to surveys, censuses and petitions.

Criminal offences

All criminal offences committed in the Autostadt will be reported to the police by our staff/security personnel.

Domiciliary rights

Autostadt employees and authorized personnel are permitted to remove persons who violate the house rules or are found on the premises without a valid admission card, without compensation.

Status: October 2018