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General Conditions of Use

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The information services of the personalised services provided by Autostadt GmbH are offered on the basis of these Conditions of Use.

1. Delivery of information services and related guarantees

Information contained on these websites has been carefully compiled by Autostadt GmbH. The content provided on these websites is used merely for information purposes and is legally non-binding. Please check the information before using it in any way. Binding information can only be provided in response to specific enquiries.

2. Special information services

Please note that some of the information and communication services accessible by way of special portals from the websites of Autostadt GmbH are additionally subject to the conditions of use of the portals concerned.

3. Services provided by partners

Some of the information services are provided by our partners. Please note that the terms and conditions of business of our partners apply for these services and that the inclusion of their websites on the websites of Autostadt GmbH does not imply any recommendation or entail any guarantee. Autostadt GmbH is not responsible for such content. The providers concerned are not agents in performance of Autostadt GmbH.

4. Links to third-party websites

The websites of Autostadt GmbH include links to websites operated by third parties. Autostadt GmbH lays no claim to ownership of the websites of third parties accessible by way of links, and is not responsible for their content.

5. Permissible use of services

In using these websites you must respect the copyright, name and trademark rights, and all other proprietary rights of third parties. Neither these websites nor these Conditions of Use should be understood as representing a licence or as granting any other right to proprietary rights held by Autostadt GmbH. You undertake not to misuse the services offered, in particular not to bypass any security measures implemented by the information services; nor to use any devices or run any applications which result in, or may result in, damage to the systems of Autostadt GmbH or malfunction of them, in particular as a result of modifications to the physical or logical structure of the servers or the network of Autostadt GmbH or of other networks; nor to integrate the information services, in whole or in part, into other Web content, whether private or commercial; nor to utilise the services for commercial profit.

6. Acceptance of cookies

Autostadt GmbH places cookies on your computer when you visit our websites. You can determine the extent to which cookies are enabled or disabled by means of settings on your computer (usually in the Internet browser, e.g. Internet Explorer). Autostadt GmbH assumes that you agree to cookies being placed on your computer if your Browser is set to allow them. With regard to data protection please refer to our Data Protection Declaration.

7. Links to websites of Autostadt GmbH

It is permissible to place hyperlinks to the home pages of Autostadt websites, such as www.autostadt.de, provided

1. the link causes the target page to be fully refreshed
2. without the target page being placed in a frame,
3. and is notified to Autostadt GmbH within 24 hours of being placed by means of an e-mail to service@autostadt.de. Furthermore, the hyperlink must be clearly identified as such on the source page by use of the phrase “Link to Autostadt GmbH”" or the heading of the relevant Autostadt GmbH target web page, in conjunction with the phrase “Link to Autostadt GmbH”.

Links not conforming to this rule must be approved by Autostadt GmbH prior to being set. Autostadt GmbH reserves the right to forbid links to be placed, notwithstanding compliance with the above rule.

8. Liability

Autostadt GmbH accepts liability for cases of intent or gross negligence. In cases of slight negligence Autostadt GmbH accepts liability only in the event of infringement of an essential obligation, whereby the amount of these claims for damages is limited to the extent of the foreseeable loss.

9. Security in transmission of messages to Autostadt GmbH

In view of the technical structure of the Internet, if you wish to send an e-mail from your private e-mail account to Autostadt GmbH, you should note that you must take your own security precautions in order to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your e-mail’s content, by using standard commercially available encryption software for example. If you wish to send an e-mail directly from the Autostadt GmbH contact zone, you should be aware that this data will be transmitted unencrypted and so no guarantee can be given as to the confidentiality and integrity of the e-mail’s content.

10. Changes to the scope of services and to the Conditions of Use

Autostadt GmbH reserves the right to expand or reduce the service provided, in whole or in part, or modify its functionality at any time. The rapid development of the Internet makes it necessary for us to amend these Conditions of Use from time to time. Please refer to the latest applicable version of the Conditions of Use in this respect.

11. Choice of law

The use of services and these Conditions of Use are subject to German law with the exception of the conflict of laws provisions contained in it.

12. Dispute Resolution

The Autostadt is neither committed nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution before a consumer arbitration board.

Dated: January 2017