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Gut Essen (fine food) in the Autostadt restaurants

The Autostadt's gastronomic concept

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Healthy nutrition and sustainable, local and seasonal products have played a key role at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg for many years. Since 2003, these priorities have been reflected in the wide range of dishes available at the Autostadt restaurants.

To maintain our high quality standards and ensure the maximum quality of all natural products served in the restaurants, the Autostadt works in close cooperation with Bioland, Germany's leading organic farming association. Over the years, we have built lasting partnerships with more than 40 producers, suppliers and organic farmers. The result is that all of our food is now almost 100% organic.

As with all aspects of the Autostadt, the gastronomic concept continues to evolve. Since 2014, we have encapsulated our ideas in the "Fine Dining" theme. The basis for this ongoing development is an extensive scientific analysis carried out primarily by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, which has evaluated numerous studies and papers.

One of the key aspects of the Autostadt restaurants is the "varied – vegetarian – vegan" triad that enables guests to choose from varied dishes with fish and meat, vegetarian or vegan food at all ten Autostadt restaurants. Since 2010 we have been inviting our partners and guests to join us for a culinary evening in October each year. The focus at these events is on the dialogue between consumers and producers and on discovering exciting new ingredients and dishes.

Our restaurant programmes also support the local cultural and culinary landscape. We work in direct cooperation with the farmers and promote the cultivation, preservation and preparation of heirloom vegetable varieties, such as the "Rosa Tannenzapfen" ("Rose Fir Apple") potato or the original Braunschweig red curly kale "Roter Krauser". Seasonal cuisine guarantees fresh, delicious and nutrient-rich meals. All dishes served in the Autostadt restaurants are prepared without preservatives or flavour enhancers of any kind.