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Photo: Anja Weber

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Vehicle and photo exhibition from the series 'What will get us moving tomorrow'

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How do new things come into being? And are cars which were once science fiction the reality of the future? The series of events 'What will get us moving tomorrow: utopias' is tackling these questions in various formats. Embark on your journey and encounter the UTOPIAS in all sorts of places around the Autostadt. In our ZeitHaus motor museum for example.  

'Historic car studies by Volkswagen'

The ground floor of the ZeitHaus accommodates our 'Historic car studies by Volkswagen' exhibition, showing research vehicles which are examples of converting utopias into specific development ideas: Explore the 1989 'Volkswagen FUTURA', for example, as a vision of an autonomous vehicle and the 'Volkswagen NILS', as a mini car for commuters and a study of minimalist mobility in the urban environment.

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The exhibition „CAR UTOPIAS”

Speaking and flying cars on screen

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'CAR UTOPIAS in film and pop culture'

The 'CAR UTOPIAS' on the 3rd floor of the ZeitHaus take a look at apparently impossible automobiles and their marks on pop culture, film and architecture. Apart from historical film posters and photographs, you can see drawings and sketches produced by Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier which have been brought together by the Autostadt in cooperation with private collectors and Deutsche Kinemathek.

Feature films and in the theme cinema

The film posters and photos exhibited in the ZeitHaus, including those from the cult films 'The Love Bug', 'Blade Runner', 'Back to the Future', 'Knight Rider', 'Batman' and 'I, Robot', are supplemented by the appropriate movie programme in the theme cinema at KonzernWelt. Here as well, it is all about the fascination for speaking and flying cars and those that think for themselves.  During opening hours, we will show you the feature film highlights in a real cinema setting without needing an additional ticket. Best of all, you can choose from the range of films on offer and we will start the film for you. From the middle of February onwards for example, you can accompany legends like Marty McFly on their travels through space and time.

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DeLorean DMC-12 in the Metropol Shop

The Metropol and ZeitReise shops offer appropriate books, games and model vehicles on the subject of utopias. In the foyer of the Metropol, you will also be greeted by one of the most iconic gull-wing cars in film history - the DeLorean DMC-12 from our ZeitHaus.

Guided tour of UTOPIAS

Discover our UTOPIAS in various parts of the Autostadt by taking a one-hour 'Back to the Future' guided tour. It will soon be possible to book this from the Autostadt ticket shop.