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Photo: Silke Weinsheimer

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Vehicle challenge

Unusual prototypes, unusual test drives

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At an open driving track children, teenagers and adults can explore a number of flamboyant vehicles – and try to get them moving. These prototypes, which were especially developed for the Autostadt, demand a healthy dose of curiosity and a desire for experimentation. Because it’s not always immediately obvious how one gets them to move. This is why they have creative names such as “Dreisel” or “Raupenrad” (caterpillar cycle).

Driving the “Raupenrad” or a “Dreisel”

Each device has a sensory and a motor challenge which allows the visitor to discover mechanical motion anew. To move forward one of the devices requires a caterpillar-like movement while on another steering is only achieved via the pedals or by moving one’s upper body up and down. This demands physical strength and challenges balance. Would-be drivers who are tenacious and patient are richly rewarded. It’s the unfamiliar movements which galvanize the vehicle to rotate around its own axis or which swivel out its rear that cause the most fun. Autostadt staff are always on hand to advise and help.

Segways and aero wheels in summer

In summer this activity can also be pursued outside. Here too (weather permitting) original vehicles such as segways or aero wheels, which demand unusual ways of propelling the device forward, can be used.

These vehicles are available free of charge to visitors during opening times.

Age recommended: from 3 years