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Motion sculpture

Flying high on the motion sculpture

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On entering the MobiVersum an enormous sculpture, not unlike a root, immediately catches one’s eye. It was created by Osnabrück professor Dr. Renate Zimmer in collaboration with the architectural bureau of Jürgen Mayer H. Its design, and the challenges it offers to children’s motor skills, is quite unique. 
Depending on age and ability, everyone from young children to adults will be able to move around the sculpture’s different levels. "The motion sculpture has an aesthetic appeal because of its characteristic forms. It encourages active exploration at both physical and sensory levels", explains Dr. Michael Pries, Head of the Autostadt Education Department. Every little cave and fork in this ‘root’ presents new challenges: abseiling, balancing, rocking and crawling through tunnels are just some of the challenges that need to be overcome.

Young discoverers on a mission

Even the smallest visitor has a special area at the MobiVersum, a place where they can crawl and learn about movement. The bottom of level of the motion sculpture has a designated parent-child action area. And as motor skills increase, the scope of activity expands and exciting things like sound bodies and slides are discovered.

Playful movement, no stress just success

No matter how and at what height: in this motion sculpture everyone has the opportunity of overcoming obstacles and testing the boundaries. The special thing here is that crawling, climbing and rocking is not only fun but, when complex movement patterns are mastered, also promotes learning and better language skills. In addition, as children are motivated to move playfully and experience success, their self-esteem increases.

Free access to visitors daily during opening hours. 

Age recommended: from 0 years