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Photo: Matthias Leitzke

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Children's adventure area

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An indoor play and adventure area for children and families has opened as part of the MobiVersum installation on the ground floor of the Autostadt GroupForum. Parents and children of all ages can now share time and have fun together in an area that was formerly dedicated to activities for children in the five to twelve age group. Learning, playing and physical movement flow together in the various segments, with opportunities to explore and discover. 

In designing the MobiVersum installation the Autostadt placed great importance on creating an open landscape that invites not only children, but also their parents to explore the different aspects. Along with areas for physical movement, there is a cooking school with a focus on nutrition. From climbing, to cooking, to other creative activities, MobiVersum offers activities for the whole family."

Motion sculpture 

Created by Osnabrück Professor Dr. Renate Zimmer and Jürgen Mayer H. Architects, a unique sculptured structure is designed to challenge youngsters and help them improve their motor skills. Depending on their level of physical development, children can explore the different levels with their siblings or parents. A new parent-child area integrated into the sculpture provides space for toddlers to explore under the supervision of their parents.

Vehicle challenge

An area with a collection of human-powered vehicles specially designed for the Autostadt challenges visitors to discover new approaches to mechanical movement. Operating a caterpillar-like vehicle, or one that can only be steered using the pedals, or riding a tricycle with wheels that roll in all directions are experiences that youngsters will rarely find in everyday life.

Cinema and workstations

Rolli and his sister Stella, two aliens from another planet, are the stars of the show in the MobiVersum 3-D cinema. In a short film that focuses on fact finding and experiments, various everyday phenomena are explained in brief stories. This journey of discovery continues on workstations in the workshops for Autostadt visitors. This is where children can integrate ideas from the world of bionics or develop technical designs and build models they can keep and take home.

DrivingSchool and children's driving licence

The ever-popular children's driving licence is still available in the new MobiVersum. Throughout the year, children from age five to eleven can have fun practicing traffic safety skills in an interactive simulator. After they complete the required training, they can go to the outdoor driver training course from April to October. This is where they practice their skills in a mini Beetle or Porsche before taking the "test" to earn their very own children's driving licence. Developed by the German Road Safety Association, the course is designed to simulate real traffic situations. The registration desk for the LearnPark was redesigned to match the new MobiVersum area.

Workshops, children's birthday parties, cooking school 

The Autostadt is recognized as an extracurricular learning centre by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture. Through its education department, the Autostadt offers workshops, tours and events for all types of schools and levels of education. Working in cooperation with a foundation for young scientists, the department is also committed to early childhood education with a focus on science and technology. Specially-equipped workshops are now available for programmes with young schoolchildren. This area is used for courses during the week and can be reserved for children's birthday parties on weekends. The new cooking school is specifically aimed at families and groups of children. Working in teams, participants prepare their own meals, snacks or sandwiches and eat together afterwards. On weekdays, the cooking school area is used for school groups. On weekends, courses and workshops are offered for families.

The new MobiVersum is open to Autostadt visitors daily from 9:00h to 18:00h. Reservations are not required.

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