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Photo: Nele Martensen

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That put the exhibition, which opened in June 2009 and mounted by Volkswagen’s communication’s platform, into the top 56 designs of 2009. All in all there were 6 112 entrants from 42 nations.

Because of this award, “red dot: best of the best” the large almost 1000 square metre exhibition LEVEL GREEN was simultaneously nominated for the highest honour “red dot: grand prix”. Whether this most prestigious prize goes to the Autostadt will be revealed during the festive awards ceremony at the red dot design museum in Essen in December. With over 12 000 entries, the red dot design under the headings of: red dot award: product design, red dot award: communication design and red dot award: design concept, is one of the leading and largest design competitions in the world. Since 1995 outstanding design quality has been chosen annually by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen in Essen and formally acknowledged in an exhibition.


“LEVEL GREEN“ wins Art Directors Club’s “Silbernen Nagel”

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg’s permanent exhibition “LEVEL GREEN – the concept of sustainability” received an award from the Art Directors Club Germany. The exhibition was awarded a “Silbernen Nagel” in the category “communication in space design – architecture/scenography”. Another award, “spatial communication”, followed.

The Art Directors Club für Deutschland e. V. holds an annual competition to honour exceptionally creative achievements. After being awarded the Designzentrum NRW’s “red dot award: best of the best” in the category “Information Design/Public Space” in December 2009, the Art Directors Club award was the second major commendation for the exhibition “LEVEL GREEN” in six months.

The Autostadt’s Creative Director, and the exhibition’s initiator, Dr. Maria Schneider, is gratified by the “Silbernen Nagel” award: “In a very meaningful way LEVEL GREEN demonstrates how content can work together with appealing innovative design. I am pleased that our exhibition found favour with the renowned Art Directors Club.”

Underlying LEVEL GREEN, a three-dimensional green net derived from the PET’s well-known green arrow pictogram, is the understanding that sustainability has several interwoven dimensions. Like an organism which has grown, all the elements of the exhibition space are linked forming a homogenous structure. The design of the space was undertaken by the Berlin offices of Jürgen Mayer H. and ART+COM. The following institutes, as well as some of the Volkswagen Group’s divisions, worked in an advisory capacity and provided the scientific content: the Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie GmbH, the Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg GmbH, the Institut für Wirtschaft und Verkehr der TU.


contractworld.award 2011

“LEVEL GREEN – the concept of sustainability” won contractworld.award’s second prize in the category “Shops”. The award is one of the most prestigious architectural prizes for interior design and enjoys international renown.

For the eleventh time at contractworld’s awards presentation forward-looking office environments, creative hotel- and gastronomy concepts as well as innovative store- and trade fair buildings were assessed and commended. The focus fell on an ethical and responsible approach with urban, societal and cultural substance, and the concept of sustainability.

The innovative concept, design quality and atmosphere, functionality and the choice of material were some of the ten-member jury’s assessment criteria.