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Electricity consumption e-Golf, kWh/100 km (combined): 14,1 (17 inch) - 13,2 (16 inch). CO2 emissions in g / km: 0 (combined). Efficiency class: A + // Photo: Nils Hendrik Müller

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Insight into the stages of automobile production

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A modern vehicle consists of more than 4,500 different parts and assemblies. Putting them all together to build a car takes numerous workers at different plant sites, state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated logistics. In the first permanent exhibition of its kind, "AUTOWERK – Gateway to Production" in the GroupForum presents an overview of the separate steps involved in manufacturing Volkswagen Group vehicles.

Cutaway models – seven stages of production

The main focus of the 260-square-metre exhibition is on seven full-scale cutaway models, each one metre in length. Different stages of production, from metal stamping to quality control, are shown on selected Volkswagen Group vehicles. The exhibition includes the six-minute "Virtual Factory Tour" film with footage from real-world production facilities to conveying an authentic factory atmosphere. Visitors can also learn more about the individual stages at interactive stations adjacent to the cutaway models.


The first thing visitors encounter in the newly designed exhibition area "Electrified" is the cutaway model of an e-Golf revealing the drive system, the battery and the charging system. Further information about the vehicle and e-Golf* components is provided on iPads. A "Word Cloud" answers common questions on the subject of e-mobility. It provides information about the history of electric vehicles, training of production staff, energy flow in an electric car, raw materials, recycling and much more. Guests can also learn about e-Golf production at the Transparent Factory in Dresden and the modular e-drive system (MEB) used in the I.D. vehicle family.

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Down to Details

More comprehensive insight into the specifics of vehicle manufacturing can be found in the Production Detail section, which occupies nearly a third of the permanent exhibition space. Divided into seven segments, this is where a close-up look at modern automobile production begins. Cross-sectioned mock-ups on display expose the inner workings of cars built by Škoda, SEAT, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi and Porsche. The full-scale models feature elements designed to bring real-world production operations into focus. Each cutaway is accompanied by tools used in that specific phase of production along with an iPad containing interesting facts. Metal stamping, material construction, joining and filling techniques, paint, logistics, assembly – all this is explained in finely layered information. Users can choose a level of knowledge based on their specific interests. Adding impact to this unique cross-media exhibit, touch-sensitive controls activate video displays with further details. While the cutaways graphically depict different phases in the creation of an automobile, the interactive media stations along the wall give users a chance to dig deeper into the various topics.


People in Production

Human Focus, the fourth AUTOWERK segment, is dedicated to the people behind the scenes at Volkswagen Group production sites around the globe. In a series of face-to-face videos, workers from different parts of the world introduce themselves and describe their specific skills. They talk about day-to-day job situations and present tools of their trade. These instruments are embedded in the installation for closer examination and can be selected to launch the video clip. Listening to a young woman from Porsche talk about leather stitching, or a man from Lamborghini explaining how a tiny hammer is used to test carbon fibre is fascinating. At the same time, it portrays the spirit and dedication of the company’s


Live On-Site

The Virtual Factory Tour brings all of the information together in an ultra-high definition video that takes viewers on an excursion through Volkswagen Group production facilities. In a series of spectacular on-screen sequences, visitors become immersed in the details of real-world automobile manufacturing. Using first-person perspectives, the film shows close-ups of each phase and makes the overall process more comprehensible.

*Electricity consumption e-Golf, kWh/100 km (combined): 14,1 (17 inch) - 13,2 (16 inch). CO2 emissions in g / km: 0 (combined). Efficiency class: A +

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Further information on official fuel consumption figures and the official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the “Guide on the fuel economy, CO2 emissions and power consumption of new passenger car models”, which is available free of charge at all sales dealerships and from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, D-73760 Ostfildern, Germany and at www.dat.de.