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Foto: Nils Hendrik Müller

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DVR safety training

Safety training at the Autostadt in your own car

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The Autostadt in Wolfsburg has extended its SafetyTraining programme by adding one more driving experience: the DVR SafetyTraining (SicherheitsTraining), which was developed ac­cording to the guidelines of the German Road Safety Board (DVR), is conducted once a month on the Autostadt’s SafetyTraining (Sicherheits­ Training) circuit.

In a day­long seminar, participants are taught how to handle their own cars in challenging traffic situations. The training is conducted on a terrain which has a special roadbed. On both wet and dry surfaces, driving instructors demonstrate how the participant can handle their own cars under difficult conditions.

Course components

  • Theoretical introduction
  • Practical application
  • Steering
  • Braking
  • Braking and evasive manoeuvres

There is full and comprehensive insurance for the drivers’ cars for the duration of the course, and the drivers themselves have accident cover. Anyone wishing to do the course, but not in pos­session of their own vehicle, will be able to use one of the Autostadt’s latest model Volkswagen Golf series.

The DVR certificate

At the end of the course every participant will re­ceive a certificate which, when presented to the driver’s insurance company, may be instrumental in reducing their car insurance tariff. The rate of reduction will vary between insurance companies and it is therefore in the participants’ interest to contact their insurance company before un­dertaking the course.

105 Euro per person
70 Euro for Autostadt annual pass holders