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Foto: Janina Snatzke

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Driver training (FahrTraining) from 17 years of age

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Driving for drivers with a learner's licence

Something new on offer at the Autostadt is a course for learner drivers who have to be at least 17 (“accompanied driving for drivers with learner licence”).

One of the priorities of the SafetyTraining (Sicher­heitsTraining) is to pay special attention to the learner driver’s comportment.

Course components:

  • Interplay of reaction time, braking and stop­ ping distance
  • Awareness of correct driving behaviour
  • Recognising and avoiding dangerous situations
  • Coping methods for dangerous driving situations

The All-Terrain Track offers young drivers the chance of developing a feeling for the road. The more than 1­-km­-long track offers obstacles like a water hazard, steps or a see­saw bridge which all help in the development of driving skills.

The EconomyTraining (SparTraining) demonstrates how good driving habits can conserve the earth’s resources. Participants of this training must be at least 17 years of age and in possession of a “learner’s licence”. Throughout the training, the person who has been designated as “the accompanying person” in the driver’s licence, must be present in the car.

Costs and components of the course are commensurate with the normal All­-Terrain Track (GeländeParcours) as well as the Economy­ Training and SafetyTraining (Spar-­ und Sicher­heitsTraining).