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Photo: LIU Chen-hsiang

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The 15th Movimentos Festival

From 21 April to 21 May 2017

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The Autostadt presented the first Movimentos Festival in spring 2003. Originally conceived as a contemporary dance festival, the series of performances represents a commitment to a universal art form. Dance is a fundamental expression of human movement. The programme of events gradually evolved to include classical, jazz and pop concerts, theatre, staged readings and discussions.

What started out as a series of dance performances evolved to become one of Germany's leading cultural events in 2006 when lectures, discussions, matinees, concerts, and dramatic readings were added to the Movimentos program. Along with a diversity of dance performances, the festival line-up included some of Germany's top stage and screen stars.

16th Movimentos Festival in 2018

The 16th Movimentos Festival at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg took place from 04 April to 06 May. The 2018 festival programmes overarching theme was dignity. Dignity has been mirrored, broken, varied and questioned in many ways in the context of the Movimentos Festival program.

Find out more about the Movimentos Festival: www.movimentos.de