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Experiencing mobility

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In addition to the educational programme, the Autostadt offers a variety of openly accessible and seasonal attractions. The MobiVersum DrivingSchool is where children can virtually experience different real-life traffic situations and interactively learn to deal with them appropriately. In the LearnPark, five to eleven-year-olds can earn a children's driving licence from April to October. After they have learned the theoretical basics in the traffic school, the practical part begins. In an electric-powered Mini Beetle or Porsche, the test candidates drive on a test track where they learn to master traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

MobiVersum offers visitors a climbing sculpture, a driving track and workstations for creative design.

Special KidsTours show youngsters the Autostadt pavilions and productions from a unique perspective and are available without prior booking. Mobitracks offer children a rally experience through the Autostadt. Guide sheets support them as they independently explore the park.

A fully equipped teaching workshop is available in the ZeitHaus. This is where weekend visitors can learn about the technical aspects of antique cars and work with their hands.

Embedded in the series of events, educational discussions and parents' forums provide information and knowledge sharing for adults. The guests and dialogue partners on the podium are leading thinkers in their field: philosophers, life scientists, musicologists and educators. They offer opportunities to discuss issues related to training and education.

For event dates and more information visit our calendar: events.