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Peter Kogler

TimeHouse design

“My work revolves around chaos and order”

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The „milestones of automobility“ all congregate together under one roof at the ZeitHaus museum. In this, their home, they tell the story of the automobile’s 125 year-old history while chronicling the development of how what was once an exclusive product for the few became a necessity for many. The vehicles are surrounded by Kogler’s backdrop mural which runs throughout the entire exhibition space.

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Kogler drew his inspiration from the surfaces of autobodies, using both the reflective visual aspect as well as the sculptural shape. This is neither mimetic nor illustrative. Instead for his “wall paintings” he uses digital image processing and, while bearing in mind the dimensions of the whole, he projects his vision onto the entire space.

Corners disappear in waves of grey

With the aid of the pixel organic forms have come to life on the walls of the ZeitHaus museum - washed up there like waves and completely in harmony with the room. They appear to stretch the space allowing the corners to flow. So as not to compete with the colour of the exhibits, Kogler chose shades of grey accented with flashes of silver. Large sculptures imitating the mural’s shapes and colours divide the space and underline the design’s surreal and graceful effect.

The interconnection between art and technology creates a permanent interplay in the perception of the forms. The sculptures are part of this: their organic contours play into the shapes of the milestone of automobility and as a result the vehicles themselves appear like sculptures. The design of the milestone exhibition allow the artistic layout and the way the automobiles are presented to be independent visual experiences.

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About the Artist

Peter Kogler was born in 1959 in Innsbruck. He studied stage design at the Wiener Akademie with Lois Egg. Since the beginning of the 1980s, and after initial actionist performances, he has focused on painting and video art. Since then Kogler has used media- and computer technology as the basis of his installations and spatially related work.

Even his early work, which mediates between image and object, refers to the mediatization and virtualisation of everyday life: he confronts the perfectionism of the new technologies with motifs of the physical and the organic, i.e. he blends both together. Usually his medium is an actual space which he either fills with his  abridged sign language or attempts to alienate. He covers floor, wall and ceiling with tubes, ants or brains and leads his visitor through labyrinthine spaces.

Key data about Kogler’s busy exhibition schedule include participation in the documenta IX and X in 1992 and 1997, as well as in the Biennale in Venice in 1995. In addition Kogler also takes on many public commissions for building art. These include a wall installation at the Donau-Universität Krems, the façade design for the Expo 2000 in Hanover and a parking garage at Vienna’s airport. The fundamental theme underlying his work deals with images of a world increasingly dominated by streams of data and electronic communication.

Peter Kogler is one of the most pre-eminent of Austrian contemporary artists. He is professor of graphic arts at the Münchner Akademie der Bildenden Künste and lives in Vienna.